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October 7, 2021

New TV News Podcast And Digital Series To Launch Next Month

Erie, PA and San Antonio, TX – Today, two friends passionate about the television news industry announce the launch of a brand new podcast and digital series, set to debut in November.

Hosted by college journalism student Jacob Brooks along with broadcast enthusiast and former news intern Jim Stanton, Broadcast Bulletin is a new podcast and digital series dedicated to the unique and rapidly changed TV news industry. Broadcast Bulletin will serve as an outlet for those in the industry to share their knowledge and expertise with listeners.

“We feel that there has been a need for this type of podcast for a long time. The behind-the-scenes of broadcast journalism has always been such a mysterious thing to outsiders, and we hope to pull back the curtain and take listeners inside what life is really like in a newsroom,” said Jim Stanton, Co-Host and Executive Producer of Broadcast Bulletin.

“I am very passionate about the broadcast news industry. As a journalism student, this series is the perfect way for myself and others to learn everything they can about TV news before applying to positions in the industry. I cannot wait to share our guests’ stories and expertise with everyone,” said Jacob Brooks, Co-Host and Social Media Director of Broadcast Bulletin. 

A wide variety of guests, including current and former journalists, news managers, and sonic branding executives are scheduled to join the series in the first season. The release date of the first episode will be announced in the coming weeks.

Those interested in learning more about Broadcast Bulletin can visit their website, in addition to their Instagram and YouTube pages.


For more information:
Jacob Brooks
Co-Host and Social Media Director, Broadcast Bulletin Podcast



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