Episode #12: Madison Moore — A Journalism Student’s Take on Local TV News, Part 1

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If you’ve followed the industry in recent years, it’s no secret that the broadcast journalism industry has struggled to attract young journalists to the business. This coming as the industry has lost many talent in just the past few years alone as part of the national “Great Resignation”.

But the industry should not give up all hope just yet. In this two-part series, two J-school seniors share their thoughts on the industry, where it’s headed next, and where they see themselves in it, just as they get ready to graduate and begin their journalism journeys. As you’ll learn, these two seniors are quite optimistic on the industry and its prognosis, and why news directors and recruiters should not begin to panic just yet.

In part one of the two part series, Madison Moore, a senior at Ohio University’s renowned E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, shares her story in this comprehensive interview, and how she feels about the industry she’s so passionate about. Madison is originally from Charleston, West Virginia and has recently landed a job as an on-air reporter/MMJ at WRIC-TV, Nexstar’s ABC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia.

She has always loved being in front of the camera and can truthfully say that she’s been preparing for her future since she was a kid. Prior to her journalism career, Madison had a different career goal and moved to California to pursue an acting career. Between 12 and 14, she performed in a series of commercials for Lalaloopsy, and when she was 15, starred in a pilot for Nickelodeon. Though the television pilot she was cast in didn't get picked up, Madison doesn't regret anything that happened and believes the experience helped her get to where she is today.

At age 16, she created “Moore Reality”, a YouTube channel focused on entertainment news, commentary, and celebrity interviews. As the creator and host, she learned how to produce content and how to design graphics/animation for each segment, which she says has given her a head start for her future MMJ career.

She ultimately decided to pursue another media path: television news reporting. Madison first came to Ohio University for the annual High School Journalism Workshop and fell in love with the campus and the WOUB newsroom and studio. During her time at Ohio University, Madison participated in the WOUB Summer Internship Program and landed an internship at NBC6 (WTVJ, owned by the network) in South Florida. Madison was assigned her own camera equipment and went in the field with reporters multiple times a week to cover breaking news, crime, and human interest stories.

During her 4 years volunteering at WOUB, Madison has gained knowledge and confidence, which has prepared her for her full-time job in market 56. In her free time, Madison enjoys hanging out with friends and family, discovering new restaurants, and spending time outdoors!

"I have thought about it in the long run, like is this really what I'm going to be happy doing? But I've always circled back to the conclusion I will never know if I don't try it and give it my 100%."

MAdison Moore

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