Episode #6: Korey Kaczur — Talking Sports to Selling Beer

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For our sixth episode of Broadcast Bulletin, Korey Kaczur, a former weekend sports anchor and weekday news reporter for KBJR and CBS 3 in Duluth, Minnesota discusses her career as a sportscaster and her transition out of it. Her story of transitioning from a sportscaster to a regional sales representative for a San Diego-based brewing company is one that is very unique, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it. After all, what goes better with sports than beer?

Korey is back in her hometown of San Diego, California after her TV journey took her to Duluth. The only station truly interested in hiring her, Korey discusses why "no" is an answer you hear quite a bit when first applying for jobs in TV news. Korey quickly had to adapt to the negative 40 degree temps that area sometimes experiences, but she wouldn't trade those two years for anything. 

She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University in 2014 with her Broadcast Journalism degree. During her time at ASU, Korey interned at both Fox 10 Phoenix and Fox 5 San Diego. In her senior year, she was one of the few chosen to cover MLB teams in Phoenix during Spring Training. Her opportunity to cover the Arizona Diamondbacks and produce content for a local news station is easily one of the highlights of her career. 

Post graduation, Korey returned back to her hometown to work at Fox Sports San Diego as a production assistant, also working closely with the Padres organization. After the season, she took her talents to East Texas to serve as a broadcast reporter and in-game emcee for a Texas Collegiate League summer baseball team. Before coming to Minnesota, Korey briefly served as the Padres’ pregame entertainment host. 
We also discuss what it was like working as a woman in a male-dominated segment of the business, why Korey never wanted to work for a duopoly again after her experience with one, and why Korey doesn't regret canceling a dentist's appointment that feel on her birthday weekend (it will all make sense once she tells the story).

"News is not your life. News makes you think like it's your life, but it's not."


Show Notes and Mentions

Highlight of her career:
Covering the UMD Men's Hockey National Championship

San Diego restaurant recommendations:
Mi Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant; Alberto's Mexican Food (multiple locations — no website); Lolita's; Craft Coast

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